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Groundschool Quizzes - Student Manual

This tutorial covers how to write a Sharper Edge Practice Groundschool Quiz. This exam requires that you have an account on Sharper Edge Solution's Online Resource, enrolment in your groundschool and a quiz password obtained from your instructor.

The tutorial includes:

  1. Creating an Account
  2. Enrolling into a Groundschool Quiz
  3. Writing a Quiz

Creating an Account

Start by going to Sharper Edge Solution's Online Resource.
Then click "Login" at the top right of the screen.

Step One: Front Page

Click the "Create new account" button to sign up for an account.

Step Two: Login Page

Enter the required information then click "Create my new account" button.

Step Three: Create Account Page

An email will be sent to your entered email address. If you do not receive this email, please contact the site administrator at You may close the page below once you receive the email.

Step Four: Email Confirmation Page

The email will contain a link to complete account registration. Follow the link in the email or copy and paste it in the browser window to complete registration and login.

Step Five: Email Confirmation Link

Your registration has been successfully confirmed. You may now click on the "Courses" button and continue to enrol in your Flight School.

Step Six: Successful Email Confirmation Page

Enrolling into a Groundschool Quiz

Now that you have successfully signed up and logged in, navigate to the Groundschool Quizzes page. Choose your flight school from the list of available flight schools.

Step Two

Login if you have not done so already, else skip to the next step.

Step Three

The screen indicates that self enrolment is available and that no key is required. Complete enrolment by clicking on the "Enrol me" button.

Step Four

Congratulations you are now enrolled into a groundschool quiz.

Step Five

Writing a Quiz

To begin the Groundschool Quiz click on the appropriate quiz.

Step One: Groundschool Course Page

Next click on "Attempt quiz now".

Step Two: Quiz Page

You will be prompt for a quiz password that was given to you by your instructor. Enter this password and click "Continue".

Step Three: Enter Quiz Password Page

The Groundschool Quiz will now begin.

Step Four: Example Quiz Question Page

Once you have navigated through all the questions or clicked the "Finish attempt..." on the left side, this screen will appear. On this screen you will have three options.

  1. Return to the last question you were working on by clicking "Return to attempt".
  2. Or, click on a question to view it.
  3. Or, click "Submit all and finish" to complete the Groundschool Quiz and have it graded.
Step Five: Quiz Submission Page

Click "Submit all and finish" to confirm your Groundschool Quiz submission.

Step Six: Results Dialog