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The Company

Sharper Edge Training Solutions Ltd. is a provider of training solutions for aviation.

Our core products are texts covering the required subjects for most Canadian Pilot Licences. We also publish collections of sample examination questions which help pilots prepare for the various levels of Transport Canada Examinations.

For Flight Schools, we are able to offer turnkey groundschool training solutions. We offer material for course presentation, corresponding text and typical examination questions.

We are a small, growing company dedicated to providing high quality training and training solutions.

The Authors

Warwick Green

Warwick started Sharper Edge in 2001 and is a licensed ATP and ex-flight instructor with more than 3000 hours of flight time. He is also an engineer, owning and running an engineering company that manufactures wood debarking machines. When not working or teaching ground school, Warwick can be found in the front of a Jetprop DLX which he flies for both business and pleasure.

Sharper Edge is a passion rather than a business for Warwick – the idea being to foster understanding of everything aviation rather than just provide enough for students to pass their exams.

Richard Snow

Richard's weekday job is as an electrical engineer for a consulting engineering company focussed on decarbonizing buildings through energy efficiency upgrades and by fuel switching (electrification). Most weekends since 2005 have been spent working at Sharper Edge Training Solutions creating keynotes and practice exam questions for the various exam preparation guides, as well as answering student questions. He also teaches ground school for a local flying school, enjoying helping students to master the material.

In his spare time, Richard is active at his local glider club where he is a glider flight instructor. He also flies light aircraft (Cessna's, Piper's and Diamond's) for fun taking friends and family up whenever he can. He is presently working towards his commercial pilot license.