Diamond DA42 - Weight & Balance

Basic Empty Weight
Pilot and Co-Pilot
Rear Passenger
Nose Baggage
Cockpit Baggage
Baggage Extension
De-Icing Fluid (9.2 lb/USG)
Zero Fuel Total (Max 3638lb)
Useable Fuel, Main Tanks (7.01lb/USG) (Max 364.5lb)
Useable Fuel, Aux Tanks (7.01lb/USG) (Max 115lb)
Ramp Weight (Max 3953lb)
Start & Taxi Fuel
Take-Off Weight (Max 3900lb)
Trip Fuel, Main Tanks (7.01lb/USG)
Trip Fuel, Aux Tanks (7.01lb/USG)
Landing Weight (Max 3900lb)

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