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Exam Hints & Info

CARs now require 12 hour since your last alcoholic drink


The regulations about alcohol and drugs that relate to crew members (CAR 602.03) were updated in December 2018. The old rule requiring 8 hours between consuming an alcoholic drink and flying have changed - the rule now requires 12 hours between drinking alcohol and acting as a crew member of an aircraft.
CAR 602.03 Alcohol or Drugs - Crew Members

Errata / Omissions

Table of Contents: Appendix A page number

1st Edition

The page number for Appendix A in the table of contents is incorrect. Appendix A (Answer Keys) begins on page 203.

Errata / Omissions

DA42 Systems - Section (pg 172)

1st Edition

The circuit breaker sizes shown for the right hand Engine ECU Bus are incorrect. They should be as follows:

ECU BUS: 30 A Breaker

ECU B: 20 A Breaker

ECU A: 20 A Breaker

Exam Hints & Info

No Written Exam, However, there is an Oral Exam

1st Edition

There is no written exam for the multi-engine rating, however there is an extensive oral exam during the flight test. Refer to Section 5 of the Multi-Engine Rating Preparation Guide and to the aircraft specific Flight Test Performance Calculation Packages in the right column or below this section for help in preparing for your oral exam.

Exam Hints & Info

No more VOTs, but they are still tested in the TC exams


The VOR Test Facility (VOT) is no longer used. In fact, there haven't been any operating in Canada for several years and all description of them has been removed from the TC AIM. However, Transport Canada is still testing VOTs in the exams so take a few minutes to review the notes and attempt the questions which are provided at the following page, VOT notes and questions.